ArchAngels BioRecovery Inc., Dr. Robert Renteria, Set Goal to Hire 150 Veterans

ArchAngels BioRecovery Inc.

ArchAngels BioRecovery Inc.

by Fran Briggs

WASHINGTON, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, USA, May 21, 2020 / — ArchAngels BioRecovery Inc., a leader in COVID-19 expertise, bio-remediation, and the infection control industry has plans of hiring up to 150 veterans, including disabled veterans, its publicist announced today. Senior Advisor, Dr. Robert Renteria said the decision was made to help ensure the company's success during their next transition.

"May is Military Service Recognition Month. The timing couldn't be more perfect," stated Fran Briggs, Publicist to ArchAngels BioRecovery Inc. "The company anticipates that civilians who work alongside veterans will be inspired by their knowledge, contribution, and discipline."

Dr. Renteria, who is a disabled veteran himself, says he is proud to provide this segment of our population with opportunities.

"Veterans know how to take objectives and execute them well. They perform as a team and always have the best interest of those they work with and for, in mind,” he stated. “The group has extremely high standards. Just as we take pride in them, they take pride in every aspect of their work."

ArchAngels BioRecovery Inc.’s CEO and Infectious Disease Expert, Tao Martinez was asked why he decided to reserve 150 positions for veterans.

"Dr. Robert Renteria's experience and track record are attributes that I can stand behind. He helped me clearly see how hiring veterans is the best way to help our team grow and succeed," stated Martinez. " So, why veterans? Because they have acquired and developed a high level of standards. Veterans are also extremely dedicated to their responsibilities and expected outcomes."

Tao Martinez added that he is especially pleased with the decision “because every branch of the military mandates training in chemical bacteriological warfare. Veterans are very familiar with what it takes to become a certified technician for ArchAngels BioRecovery Inc. The supplemental information they will acquire will help us to sustain our standard of excellence."


Dr. Robert Renteria is an executive trainer, professional speaker, and Senior Advisor to ArchAngels BioRecovery Inc. He is also a disabled U.S. army veteran. During his seven-plus year career, Dr. Renteria served in many capacities and leadership roles. He was an elite soldier, former paratrooper, and non-commissioned officer. In Nuremberg, Germany he served in tactical operations. While deployed in Fort Bragg, North Carolina he was assigned to psychological operations and spearheaded the reactivation of the Third Special Forces Group. As a critically acclaimed speaker, Dr. Robert Renteria is instrumental in expanding youth and anti-violence initiatives. For more information, call 312-933-5619.


In business for nearly 15 years, ArchAngels BioRecovery Inc. is an ABRA-certified leader in the bioremediation and infection control industry. It has satellite crews and partners across the country adhere to OSHA, EPA, CDC and other state and local health and environmental agency regulations. ArchAngels BioRecovery Inc. is compliant with proper certifications, insurance and training requirements. They also work with homeowners and facility managers where a seriously ill person may have contaminated the property. ArchAngels specializes in reactive and proactive sanitization of facilities that are at risk for biohazards and communicable diseases. They are one of only a handful of remediation companies in America that is uniquely prepared to handle a mass widespread of the coronavirus. To schedule a consultation, call (877) 409-9111, or visit

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