Denver Company creates product that keeps coronavirus off the surfaces we touch for months



Stick Safe easy application

Stick Safe easy application

U.S. Company finding easier ways to help keep surfaces free from deadly viruses and bacteria for extended periods.

Who knows what is on the horizon? We now know that it’s better to be prepared and have real solutions in place than to try and solve these crises as they unravel each day”

— Christopher Avina, CEO

DENVER, COLORADO, US, June 25, 2020 / — A new product has been designed in the United States in order to help maintain the spread of the novel coronavirus. CEO of the company, Christopher Avina has launched StickSafe, a non-toxic and ultra-high-tech durable material sticker that can be applied to various surfaces touched by thousands of people in the public domain.

StickSafe can see growing in popularity over the coming months, as lockdown restrictions in many countries are starting to be lifted. As businesses start re-opening, owners of restaurants, hotels, beauty salons, and other common areas can now apply StickSafe to surfaces – helping to curb the spread of the deadly disease. The product, which will be manufactured in the U.S., has proved to be long-lasting, remaining sustainable for up to 60-days after application. “We’ve developed a product which can now be easily applied in all common areas, such as planes, trains, airports, stadiums, malls, you name it. We have to find better solutions to help fight the war against COVID-19,” shared CEO Christopher Avina.

The funding process for the company has recently been launched in hopes that general interest will see the company attaining improved machinery and equipment to help deploy its product. The high-tech process and material needed for StickSafe enables the company to pursue the American dream of creating lasting employment for citizens. Future forward-thinking from younger generations such as Avina and his team will now become the driving force for creative solutions.

The durability of these products is rapidly being put to the test, pushing developers and manufacturers to find quicker solutions to supply high demands. Poor quality PPE and sterile equipment needed in hospitals and schools supplied by Chinese manufacturers during the primary lockdown phase in the U.S., has only brought forth bigger issues. Many nations have since disregarded Chinese manufacturers for medical and PPE equipment and resulted in finding trustworthy domestic solutions. “StickSafe is affordable, and it works. We’ve launched a fund whereby the public can support and help us start the manufacturing process as quickly as possible. We’re facing a threat to our human existence, and we need fast-acting solutions,” says Avina.

Their confident approach has seen successful application, as they ensure customers that the product is suitable for both public and private use. StickSafe can be applied in your home to help keep surfaces and other high-contact areas cleaner for longer, not only eliminating constant cleaning but keeping homes safe from foreign viruses.

As the global infections skyrocket each day, and the U.S. death toll creeping in at 124,000 and expected to surpass 200,000 in the coming months, many are starting to become anxious as we await delivery for a vaccine. But, as the state and federal government battle against current political unrest sweeping the nation, and also support the growing effort for finding solutions, StickSafe can become a relevant short and long-term answer for those left in the dark.

With a second wave quickly approaching, researchers are trying to improve scientific efforts to slow down infection rates. With looser restrictions, it’s become apparent that a rise of infections will grow each day. The past few months have already been challenging for not only Americans but humanity all over the world. “Who knows what is on the horizon? We now know that it’s better to be prepared and have real solutions in place than to try and solve these crises as they unravel each day,” Avina shared.

As the cost for basic cleaning supplies surpasses regular retail prices, StickSafe can now become a buffer against the contamination and spread of bacteria, viruses, and disease in common public areas. As billions of people are eager to see what the coming months may look like, governments have urged citizens to maintain their regular hygiene routine, and business owners to implement social distancing measures and improved sanitation spots throughout their premises. As anticipation for StickSafe starts to take off, the government can now begin a return to supporting local manufactures that will offer domestic solutions.

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