PypeServer and Machitech Announce Software Supply Agreement

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PypeServer to be the exclusive software supplier for Machitech's multi-axis pipe profiling machines.

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON, USA, July 28, 2020 / — PypeServer Inc, a software company streamlining the workflow for pipe manufacturing in the building and industrial trades, today announced it has entered into a supply agreement with Machitech Automation to be the exclusive supplier of software for Machitech's multi-axis pipe profiling machines. Machitech, a North American manufacturer of metal plate, sheet, tube, and pipe cutting solutions, is also the parent company of AlphaLazer, Beamcut, MaverickCNC, and Total Cut. With PypeServer's software, Machitech adds state-of-the-art workflow and cut quality optimization to its tube and pipe cutting solutions.

PypeServer's software extends the digital workflow from the design office to the shop floor by integrating with a wide range of CAD and Building Information Model (BIM) tools so digital designs can be cut without the need for additional machine programming. PypeServer also includes an easy-to-use part designer for operators without CAD experience, sophisticated algorithms to maximize cut quality, part nesting and pipe inventory tracking capabilities to reduce material waste, as well as immediate part status updating for workflow monitoring and process optimization. Once parts are cut, PypeServer can produce QR-coded labels for inventory tracking and hyperlinks back to spool drawings and other information useful for downstream fabrication in the shop and the field. These capabilities, combined with Machitech's state-of-the-art machine designs, make for a powerful combination.

“Machitech has been very successful in the highly competitive market for steel plate cutting machines for almost twenty years and has been building tube and pipe cutting machines for the past five years. With the development of their most recent advanced precision CNC Pipe Cutter they are quickly being recognized as a force in the pipe & tube cutting field,” said David Basiji, CEO of PypeServer. “Machitech has a reputation for very high quality, North American-made machines and strong customer support. Together with PypeServer's advanced features and our own high standards for customer support, we expect both companies to realize significant growth from our partnership.”

About PypeServer
PypeServer's mission is to be the "operating system for the shop floor" by using design files from a wide array of CAD and BIM tools to drive a broad range of CNC, semi-automated, and manual cutting systems, resulting in a seamless digital workflow and a fast ROI. PypeServer is based near Seattle, Washington, has been in business since 2010, and is privately-held. The company recently completed a Series A financing to drive growth in its core business and to extend its reach into adjacent markets and up the supply chain.

About Machitech
“Machitech Automation’s strength is hiring hard working people with great character! Christian Giguere, Founder of The Machitech Automation Group, has developed a wonderful working environment that truly feels like a family! When customers visit our manufacturing plant they can see and feel the family atmosphere. This culture is reflected by the innovations lead by our Chief Engineer, Jean-Francois Giguere, and his team, through to our well skilled Production Team and our very professional technical support and customer service team. When a company makes an investment in a Machitech Machine we like to consider them as part of The Machitech Family,” said Sean Lawlor, VP of Corporate Accounts Machitech Automation.

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