Appalachian Basin Developments in 2021

Our conference goal is to educate commercial and industrial developers outside the Appalachian Basin on the advantages the Basin, specifically Pennsylvania, Eastern Ohio and West Virginia offers”

— Joe Barone, President & Founder, Shale Directories

PENN VALLEY, PA, US, January 12, 2021 / — Businesses looking to expand/open new facilities carry a long list of requirements they want met to make their plan a success. Where to locate the proposed plant is certainly among the top criteria developers must have in place to keep the process moving.

Those developers eyeing the Appalachian Basin for any business, but particularly those petrochemical- or energy-related must attend the Second Annual Appalachian Basin Real Estate Conference.

Sponsored by Shale Directories, the 2nd Annual Appalachian Basin Conference is slated for March 25, at the Oglebay Resort and Conference Center, in Wheeling, WV. The conference will be a hybrid, allowing people to register to attend in-person or virtually.

“Our conference goal for 2021 is to educate commercial, industrial, and retail developers outside the Appalachian Basin on what advantages the Basin, specifically Western Pennsylvania, Eastern Ohio, and West Virginia offers,” commented Joe Barone, President & Founder, Shale Directories.

This year’s conference featured speaker is Adam Bruns, for the last 18 years Managing Editor, Site Selection Magazine. Bruns, who’s written stories about locations worldwide, annually writes a feature story in Site Selection Magazine (the most recent exactly one year ago) called the “Ohio River Corridor.” The feature has been running for over a decade, so Bruns knows the region.

“Many industry experts expected the Appalachian Basin to become a secondary petrochemical hub to the Gulf region. With the Shell cracker nearing completion and the PTTGCA cracker plant nearing an FID decision, we are beginning to see companies making commitments to the Appalachian Basin,” Barone further added.

This year’s Appalachian Basin Real Estate Conference will examine and present information important to making development decisions, including workers (where will workers come from?), transportation infrastructure including the Ohio River, industry analysis (petrochemicals and plastics), and future developments in the Appalachian Basin.

For those who want to attend in person, seating will be limited to 100 people. They are encouraged to register now.

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Source: EIN Presswire