Defending the Climate by Increasing Hydroxyl Levels in the Atmosphere is Being Offered by ReductionTech Inc

Backed by over ten years of Research & Development

Simple, easy to adopt, affordable, fast

We need to release the simple, universal and natural hydroxyl to remove GHGs quickly without big engineering costs, unwanted chemical residues, and big fan equipment costs.”

— Viva M Cundliffe

KAMLOOPS, BC, CANADA, January 12, 2021 / — Nature has historically relied upon hydroxyl radicals (OH*) as the principal air cleanser/”metabolizer” in both natural and urban settings. The dangerous, toxic build up of a well-mixed atmospheric brew of chemicals, smog, and heat trapping gases (GHGs) on local, regional and continental scales has now become a serious hazard to health and well-being, both human and of the biosphere in general. It threatens lives and property as seen with the increasingly frequent and severe fires, floods, and droughts spanning the globe, affecting every community.

“These gases can be removed relatively quickly with our technology, as hydroxyl reacts universally and in seconds, and persists in the air until it gets reacted. It’s nature's PAC MAN, chemical transformer, and magic bullet all rolled into one. It has the power to reset the atmosphere back to a preindustrial state without unwanted chemical residues or any hazards. We should want nothing less than this” says Viva Cundliffe, CEO.

“We have to use wise judgment in pledging resources and over-engineering our way out of climate change. As life becomes more chaotic and difficult, we should apply an easy to adopt, clean technology, which is what our approach offers. Adding complex chemistry and engineering processes to a stressed population is unwise and unnecessary”. Because the hydroxyl removes ozone destroying gases, it is helpful for the ozone layer, which is damaged by numerous GHGs.

The proposed global mitigation with hydroxyl dispersal by ReductionTech offers simplicity and affordability at $10/Tonne CO2e which is an order of magnitude less cost than its competitors. Hydroxyl radicals are nature’s 2.4 billion year old pollution removal system, Hydroxyl leaves no residues as it removes GHGs and pollution, but the natural hydroxyl system is now overwhelmed. Performing a dispersal of extra hydroxyl simply means more of the best known removal compound without global scale atmospheric suction fan costs.

“We are inviting caring and concerned funders to look at becoming partners and allowing ReductionTech to embark on a nature based solution” remarks Cundliffe. The company is looking at a technology that can swiftly scale up if adequately financed, while removing all greenhouse gases all at once and restoring the air to preindustrial quality, which is the ultimate goal. Because of the speed of the hydroxyl, the technology offers a rapid solution to planetary overheating.

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Source: EIN Presswire