Biz4intellia Emerges with yet another Innovative Solution for Industries-An IoT-powered Water Leak Detection System

Biz4intellia Emerges with yet another Innovative Solution for Industries-An IoT-powered Water Leak Detection System

Biz4intellia Emerges with yet another Innovative Solution for Industries-An IoT-powered Water Leak Detection System

A unique concept to identify potential leakages in even restricted zones and protect the proprietorial areas against water damage through IoT technology.

ORLANDO, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, January 28, 2021 / — Biz4Intellia, one of the best IoT service providers brings its new service offerings for industries, the water leak detection solution. The company is a well-known leader in developing quality-rich end-to-end IoT solutions for different industrial and commercial applications.

Water leakage on the floorboards damages the industrial property and infrastructure, which require inflated amounts of funds for repairing. To mitigate such issues, how about integrating a smart concept, serving real-time water leakage monitoring. It would send instant notifications to your connected gadget and allow immediate decision-making.

Biz4intellia’s water leakage detection system is a fully-fledged solution with end-to-end services, facilitating large benefits to its users. It combines all the latest hardware and software to render effective performance. It also constitutes data storage facilities for proper data management and advanced analytics algorithms that help provide efficient data processing for better results. Our IoT solution is a one-stop platform that simplifies complex management, promoting industrial improvements to increase productivity and profitability.

Our CEO & Founder of Biz4intellia- Sanjeev Verma speaks about integrating IoT-powered water leakage monitoring solutions with your business. He says, "It is high time that we stay alert regarding water leakages in our industries, and avoid water-related damage in any space. Using IoT technology to detect water spillage on the floors helps enhance the overall potential of the place/facility and enables a cleaner space via sensor devices and data-driven insights." He also adds, "one of the fascinating things about water leakage monitoring is the use of multiple sensor devices- Spot Leak detection and Zone Leak detection. Both of the sensors are smartly equipped with the latest software to detect the presence of water even in unidentified places.”

The “Intellia IoT water leak detection solution” monitors the presence of water in real-time. It uses sensor devices and triggers instant notifications on the user's smart gadgets as soon as the water comes in contact with the sensors. It collects information on water leaks in potential areas and converts them into meaningful data through advanced analytics. It is then displayed in visual formats and graphical representations, making it easier for the managers to derive futuristic insights and take immediate actions against water spillage.

Hence, making wise decisions related to industrial functioning is most necessary for better productivity. Our product Biz4intellia water leak detection solution is embedded with advanced sensor devices, gateways, communication protocols, and other essential equipment that combine for effective data extraction and processing. It further uses a cloud platform to secure the data for effective management that results in informed and precise decision-making.

About Biz4Intellia:
The Intellia IoT water leak detection solution created by Biz4Intellia is transforming the industrial functioning at significant levels. We are a Florida-based venture, utilizing innovation as our main aim to target industrial betterment and develop futuristic and intriguing solutions. We further support intelligent operations to help businesses improve process executability and achieve the defined objectives. We are continuously working on IoT technology to provide state-of-the-art services to all our clients and help them add value to their businesses through digitization.

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