IAQ- Solving a Big Problem Hiding in Thousands of Ionization Installations Across USA

DELAVAN, WISCONSIN, UNITED STATES, April 27, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — As Covid-19 and its variants continue to spread across America, every school, building and facility has been scrambling to secure a solution that reliably provides pathogen control and breathable clean air.

One of the most effective methods to accomplish this has been through ionization. It is a technology touted by countless ‘clean air solution’ providers as the most reliable path to safer indoor air.

But ionization’s historical issue is that while there are hundreds of thousands of current ionization installations, none of the existing technologies regulate the flow of ions. Instead, all the existing products operate in a constantly “on” position and create both positive and negative ions at full capacity. Just as driving a car without any acceleration control would be unsafe, uncontrolled ion production inside a school, building or facility is similarly risky.

Ion imbalances with too many positive ions can impair cognitive function and suppress the immune system, and can manifest itself through anxiety, difficulty breathing, fatigue, headaches, irritability, joint pain, poor concentration, nausea, and vertigo. And those with underlying health conditions can experience even more acute, or even chronic, symptoms.

But OUS Capital now has a much-needed solution to this problem: IAQ-CPR.

IAQ-CPR is designed and patented as the first and only indoor air quality (IAQ) controller that regulates the number of ions that are released by their Cold Plasma Generation (CPG) systems. It’s Dual-Ionization Cold Plasma Regulators control the production of both positive and negative ions independently of each other, making IAQ-CPR the only solution on the market that can regulate a variable ionization output.

It uses a patented innovative controller that uses active IAQ sensors to create and maintain an optimal ion balance by measuring, analyzing, adjusting, and then verifying the generation of ions.

“IAQ-CPR has the only patented solution that can also fix the issue of controlling the unregulated ion generation of the existing 250,000+ systems currently installed in the marketplace,” says Fritz Kreiss, Founder and CEO of OUS Capital. “Ionization technology is the hottest trend for indoor air quality in schools, hotels, and corporations across the world. Thousands of new installations have been made weekly during the pandemic. But new studies will highlight the potential dangers of unregulated and unmonitored ionization.

IAQ-CPR has the only patented solution that will allow these customers to retrofit their existing systems to safely mediate the positive and negative ion generation, protecting their occupants and reducing their liability issues.

Companies interested in learning more about IAQ-CPR can contact OUS Capital at
844-768-7227, email info@ouscapital.com or visit www.onsiteutilityservices.com/iaq-cpr.

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